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This page is for book-makers creating PDFs in applications other than Adobe InDesign. If you are an InDesign user, please use our plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

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Some helpful hints for creating print-ready PDF files

  • Use our specification calculator to design files to the correct dimensions
  • Submit an even number of pages
  • Make black text only 100% Black ink
  • Rasterize overly complex vectors (e.g. Illustrator or CAD graphics)
  • Create your cover last when you know your final page count
  • Place images and artwork to the edge of the bleed of the document to allow for trim. This will prevent white lines appearing at the edges of trimmed pages
  • Ensure that all text and images are placed within the safe text boundary to prevent content loss when the pages are trimmed
  • Use perceptual rendering intent on all objects when possible
  • Review your PDF file prior to upload. In Acrobat/Adobe Reader make sure the following preferences are set up before proofing:
    • View > Page Display select Two Page View and Show Cover Page in Two Page View
    • Preferences > Page Display > de-select Use Local Fonts
    • Preferences > Page Display > set Use Overprint Preview to Always
Do not
  • Use spot or registration colors as they may not print as expected

Adobe® Photoshop®

Photoshop is an image-editing application and not designed for creating multi-page documents. This makes it difficult to create a multi-page compliant PDF file. Combining single PDF files can be accomplished with Adobe Acrobat Professional or Extended (not the free Adobe Reader). Contact Customer Support for more info.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word sometimes has issues creating a compliant PDF file. Create a PDF/X-1a file when exporting. Some users have had success by printing to a postscript file and using Adobe Distiller to create a compliant PDF.
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