Tamra Kean

Melbourne, Australia

Tamra Kean is a first time author, and as refreshing as her introduction to the writing space has been, her background has a rich and colourful vein of supporting friends and family in times of need.
Most who know her atttibute her caring nature to her close family upbringing founded on religion, upstanding ethics, morals and kindness,
As time has gone by, her creative flair has continued to evolve. She has progressed to creating scripture books, mailing, emailing and SMSing uplifting messages for people who were going through a difficult time.
She has since gone through her own battles and this has been the impetus for her creation known as "EnlightenMeToday" which includes beautiful inspiring messages available now through her books, Facebook and now an App for phones and tablets on a daily basis.
There is nothing more assuring than someone's comfort in a time of need.... are you that friend, or do you know someone that needs that friend?
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