Cherise Lily Nana

NSW, Australia

Cherise Lily Nana is an interdisciplinary artist, personal muse and creativity coach. She has a particular interest in exploring creativity as a way of life; a path to holism and a rich tool in daily living. Her practice is participatory and relational in nature and involves a curated process of weaving together tools from many different disciplines including the creative arts, design, deep ecology, psychogeography, depth psychology, healing arts and esotericism to name a few.

Cherise holds a BA in Art History, a Grad Dip in Communications (Professional Writing) and has appeared in This Next Wave, Wildlife Australia and Theory of Everything magazines.

Her favourite places are libraries, art galleries (especially the art postcard section in the shop), healthfood stores, artisan/farmer’s markets, forests, sunny rocks, festivals, council clean up streets and her nesting spaces.

Books by Cherise Lily Nana