Claude Bossel

Lausanne, Switzerland

Claude is a commercial photographer based in the french part of Switzerland, mainly specialized in luxury products like watches,jewellery and beauty. He also loves architecture and landscapes photography.
Before becoming a free lens photographer, Claude was first trained as precision mechanic during 4 years and then as a military aircraft maintenance officer during 6 more years.
In 1991, pushed by a strong desire of freedom, he decided to quit his military career to travel around the world on his mountain bike during one year. It is after this fantastic life 's experience that he decided to return on the bench school to learn photography in US and then later on worked as an assistant in Holland in a commercial studio.
In 1995 he returned to Switzerland, opened his first studio and joined the Swiss association of professional photographers (USPP).
Since 28 years Claude offers his services with the same enthusiasm to some of the most famous brands in the Swiss watches industry.

Books by Claude Bossel