Gerard Hearn

Utrecht, The Netherlands

I was born in Ireland, but have been living in The Netherlands since my early thirties.
In Ireland I was active in various drama circles around Cork, and also made a very modest living as a teacher of the subject in a secondary school.
In The Netherlands, I’ve worked in an international school, with students from over forty countries, with history as my main subject.
My experiences in teaching and theatre have been of great help to me in the way of dialogue and character depiction. My favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Claire Keegan, Jennifer Johnston, Sebastian Barry and John Boyne.
In the natural world, the main triggers for my imagination are woods, trees and inland lakes, remote houses - and mountains.
Oh, and one last thing! Just in case you’re wondering why I’m living in Holland, and not in Ireland – my wife is Dutch, and we have two wonderful Irish-Dutch daughters.
I have several other novels that I also hope to put on this site.

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