Dan Biggerstaff

Savannah, GA USA

Starting out as an engineering major in college, I missed people-contact and switched to pre-medicine. After graduating from medical school, I completed my specialty training in ObGyn. By the way, when I went to med school, I had decided not to specialize in Radiology or Pathology due to no people contact and not to specialize in ObGyn because of the bad hours. In medical school, I found I really enjoyed working with women and ended up in ObGyn in spite of the long hours. Having been a physician and photographer about the same number of years, my serious interest in photography actually began just several years ago. Wanting to interact with people, street photography, portraits, and events became the subjects of my photography. Most recently, I was asked to photograph a fashion show, and I was hooked. I have an obvious predilection for women of all ages in both of my professions.

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