Dana Bridges

Springfield, MO, USA

From early encounters with clay as a child, to my continued development and exploration as an artist in my studio, I find therapeutic experiences, spaces, and themes through creating and responding to ceramic objects. In my practice as a ceramic artist, I recreate experiences in clay, repeat processes, and create similar spiral-forms (through preparing, forming, slicing, opening, stacking, integrating, firing, reclaiming, and repairing), because it helps me practice ways of being and doing that are “good” for me in material and mental capacities. Through working in and responding to the qualities of clay, I find pathways towards intrapersonal healing through representing interpersonal conflict and my hope towards a resolution. I channel my research in clay—and my search for healing and hope—through exploring themes of growth, integration, and play on a formal, practical, and personal level.

Books by Dana Bridges