Britt and Lorraine Cummins

Dublin, Ohio United States

Britt and Lorraine Cummins share a love for travel, nature, wildlife, and natural landscapes of the great outdoors. Their interest in photography developed initially during high school and college and has continued to grow throughout married life. An ongoing fascination with the watercolors of nature and their interaction with landscapes, seascapes, cultures, and people drive much of their photography. Their extensive photographic portfolio includes landscape, seascape, architectural, cultural, nature, urban, abstract, macro, and people photography. The art of the photograph and digital art are also strong areas of interest. Together they have authored more than 40 photography books. The authors specialize in creating theme oriented travel photography books series that provide comprehensive, in-depth coverage of topics and locations such as Red Rock County & Southwest U.S., Hawaiian islands, Caribbean islands, French Polynesia, Art of the Photograph, and Abstract Photography.

Books by Britt and Lorraine Cummins