Adena M’lynn


Introducing Adena M'lynn, a resilient artist with an unwavering love for animals, particularly dogs, as well as painting, writing, and music. Playing multiple instruments, she crafts soul-stirring melodies to accompany her heartfelt lyrics. From her kitchen, she delights guests with Southern dishes, though her favorite is TexMex. Adena's journey encompasses surviving childhood trauma, finding clarity in psychiatric hospitals, discovering hope during her time in prison, and cultivating a deeper compassion from her time of homelessness.

Born in Dallas, Adena M'lynn is a true Texan at heart, but her love for cooler temperatures beckons her towards Michigan, with its plentiful lakes and verdant landscapes.

Adena enjoys harmless pranks, especially when people prank her. She enjoys laughing and plans on doing more while drinking sweet tea on the porch with her friends.

Books by Adena M’lynn