Walter Swett

Fayetteville, GA USA

Walter was born and raised in the Contoocook River Valley of New Hampshire. As a child, he always kept a point and shoot camera nearby. His first exposure to a single lens reflex camera was in 1974 when he became a photographer for his high school yearbook. No great works of art were created, but a lifelong interest in photography was born. In the early 1980s, he bought his first SLR which traveled with him everywhere he went. Over the years, he created some nice photographs with it. In 2007, he retired the AE-1 and moved into the era of digital photography.
Now retired, he lives in Fayetteville where he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughters, and grandchildren; traveling, and of course, photography.
His main interests are travel and landscape photography. One of his favorite subjects are the stone bridges of Hillsborough. With each trip back home, he looks for new ways to photograph the old bridges. He enjoys sharing his interpretation of scenes with friends and family.

Books by Walter Swett