Laurent Trabadello

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Born in Mexico of French parents, I grew up between North America and Europe, learning to love and understand diverse cultures. Living between two continents required lots of travel, by air. I'm told the first word I pronounced was "avion" (airplane in French). My first transatlantic flight was at six week old, on an Air France Boeing 707 from New York to Paris. Perhaps that is why I developed an early passion for aviation. I love to travel, and my career in the humanitarian sector has given me the privilege to visit more than 70 countries. I love people and cultures. I also love to write. My more than fifty years of traveling have given me plenty of inspiration. So whether it's the history of commercial aviation, or historical fiction novels, I enjoy spending hours on research to prepare the stories I want to express on paper, hoping that every manuscript will captivate the reader, bringing a much needed escape from the mundane of everyday life.

Books by Laurent Trabadello