Natasha Tsakos


Natasha Tsakos is a show maker, conceptual director, writer, performer and producer whose international career ranges from TED and the United Nations to a mind-boggling array of projects blending fantasy, technology, and liberating performances. Her work attracts foundations and scientific and environmental organizations throughout the world.

Natasha’s approach blends cinematic techniques, non-linear storytelling, music dynamics, and technology with live performance to make profound statements on how we live in an utterly original language. Natasha has created and performed for: The Discovery Channel, G20 Summit, Tribeca Film Festival, Frontiers Forum, The Super Bowl with Cirque du Soleil, TED Conference, Google, IBM Summit, The European Investment Bank and The United Nations General Assembly.

Natasha is passionate about the language of interactivity between the imaginary and the real, and creating extraordinary experiences on earth and beyond.


Books by Natasha Tsakos