Accokeek, MD, United States of America

MyHeroComics is a company founded by Zawadi Noël and dedicated to utilizing the art form of cartooning to uplift, celebrate, and educate people and their communities.

Through the MyHeroComics (MHC) Cartooning Club, young artist grow their art skills and their sense of entrepreneurship. Club members collaborate to create art-education books that explore the concepts of community through an imaginative lens. These books are designed to educate and entertain, while inviting young readers into conversations around honoring and recognizing community members, identifying community resources, and exploring historical events that shape community.

For most club members this is their first experience in self-publishing, as well as their first experience being recognized and paid for their artwork. All participating Myherocomics Cartooning Club members receive an equal share of all book sales!

Areas of Expertise

Art Teaching
Curriculum building
Art Integration

Books by MyHeroComics