K. E. Windle

Renfrew, ON Canada

K. E. Windle produces story books, movies and music for entertainment and education. The home of The Living Class, located at 292 Stewart St. in Renfrew, ON, Kate offers a unique approach to healthy expression. Her YouTube channel K. E. Windle hosts a wide array of her work. Currently in production, The Living Class will help children to learn to temper their emotions, organize their thoughts and produce masterpieces with their creativity.

Areas of Expertise

Writer, composer, photographer, videographer, health and fitness.

Professional Affiliations

Health Educator and Lifestyle Coach
Licensed Barber
Certified Personal Trainer, Aquatic Fitness and Yoga Instructor
Certified Health Care Aide
Three term Municipal Councilor for the Town of Renfrew

Books by K. E. Windle