John Wareham

New York, NY, USA

John is a leadership consultant, lecturer, writer, teacher of transformational programs for prison inmates (and a serious photographer). He is founder and chair of The Eagles Circle Foundation, a New York registered 503c corporation developing community leaders from within the prison population.
His works include:
• How to Break Out of Prison, a crossover life-changer targeted to prisoner denizens and 'corporate inmates' trapped in lives they do not want;
• The President's Therapist and Chancey On Top, metafictional novels exploring the similar dilemmas of duplicitous leadership and illicit love;
• How to Survive a Bullet to the Heart, an anthology of prisoner poetry;
• Sonnets for Sinners, poetry for incarcerees inside 'the asylum of forbidden love.'
• The Pulitzer Prize nominated podcast series, The Breakout Plan, which now has listeners worldwide in more than 400 cities.