Chrissie Berridge


Creativity is in my blood! Whether it is experienced through photography, fashion or poster design, I love all aspects of the arts and crafts scene. Much of my flair I put down to inherited genes from my father, the artist B S Huntbach (1935 - 2006). His work has been compared to that of Stanley Spencer, with elements of Dali and Aubrey Beardsley, but his style is uniquely his own. I have written The Sussex Surrealist as a first attempt on that journey to recognition.

In contrast is Life in Abstract. This looks at the work of Maria Levey, another self-taught artist. She discovered her talents after raising a family, and dashed headlong into creativity until her life was cut short by illness. This book examines her life, work and potential.

I have had two books published through The Guild of Master Craftsmen; Making Miniatures Projects for the 1:12 scale dolls' house, and Victorian Dolls' House Projects, a day in the life.

Books by Chrissie Berridge