Alketa Misja

Tirana, Albania

Alketa Misja is an architect and photographer based in Tirana, Albania. She was graduated as Architect / Urban Planner from the Polytechnic University of Tirana in 1995, and worked as a full-time lecturer in the Architecture and Urban Planning Department of Tirana's Faculty of Civil Engineering. Her primary area of study is the transformation of land values as a result of economic, social, cultural, and political forces. In 2008, her focus shifted to visual arts as a means of representing the transformation of territory in contemporary society. For Alketa, photography constitutes a tool for investigating the various forms and outcomes of urban transformation. Her work has been recognized in international competitions, and she has participated in numerous exhibitions. Alketa has her private studio in Tirana, where she works on commissions and personal photographic projects

Books by Alketa Misja