Blurb for InDesign: The book-making plug-in for Adobe InDesign

Complete creative control—design books directly within InDesign and print them on-demand with Blurb.


Adobe InDesign - Automatic template creation

Automatic template creation.
Simply input your book’s details⎯like book size and page count⎯and generate a customized blank template with the Blurb Book Creator, right from InDesign’s File menu.


Adobe InDesign - Perfect print output

Perfect print output.
You focus on the design and we’ll handle the printing. Automatic error checking ensures that everything’s in place before you upload your book to Blurb directly from InDesign. With one click, preflight and upload is done. Just like that.


Adobe InDesign - Bookstore-quality Books

Beautiful print and ebooks.
With softcover and hardcover book sizes (and a magazine option), HP® Indigo printing, and high-end photo-quality paper options from Mohawk Fine Papers®, there’s no limit to your book-making creativity. Generate a fixed-layout ebook right from InDesign and see your book displayed digitally exactly as you designed it.


In Design Starter Templates

Professional starter templates
Jump-start your book by downloading our professionally-designed starter templates for photo books, cookbooks, portfolios, and magazines. Each format contains 2-3 dozen pages in a variety of styles.


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