Michael Biddick

Vienna, Virginia, United States

Michael Biddick is a multifaceted technology entrepreneur, known for founding Fusion PPT and leading it as CEO to become a leading cloud computing and cybersecurity service provider, achieving triple-digit growth and winning multiple awards. As a contributing editor at InformationWeek and Network Computing, he wrote over 60 articles on various IT topics and was a regular speaker at Interop. He authored books like "Federal Cloud Computing" and "43 Wine Regions," which received critical acclaim. In the culinary realm, he founded Blend 111, an award-winning restaurant known for its sustainable practices and organic offerings, and holds various certifications in wine and coffee. Beyond his professional achievements, Biddick is deeply involved in education and community service, serving as the head debate coach at James Madison High School and founding the Sharon Sharko Debate Foundation.

Books by Michael Biddick