Hilary Carne

South coast, NSW, Australia

I spent most of my working life working overseas in with a mission called "Wycliffe Bible Translators". I am an RN and worked in medical clinics, as well as later on training in literacy and working in that capacity. I also had a period of a couple of years of working for CBMI in Niger, West Africa. When I retired from mission work after 28 years I wasn't sure where to plug into the world back home. Photography has always been a hobby so I started a small business called "Scenespirations" making greeting cards from my photos. It didn't prove to pay many bills, but it has proved to be "just" a wonderful hobby. I enjoy the photography and creativity involved. If you want to see how that works out these days, see my newly formed website. I am now happily an "old age pensioner who continues to think she isn't very old." It is a fun season in life.

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