Walk the Arts

Canada and Italy

Living through the Arts

Established in 1996, walkthearts/icsci inc. is a small cultural business without walls operating in and from North America, Europe and South America.

It promotes experiential learning through art history seminar tours and art workshops on four continents. Its quality programs are suitable for the lifelong learners, artists and art lovers of any age and level, as well as all type of educational institutions including universities, colleges and high schools.

Its mission is:

1) to democratize art and culture;
2) to increase cultural knowledge at all levels, by delivering first class art education;
3) to develop a greater understanding between people from developed and less developed countries;
4) to facilitate exchanges between cultural organizations and institutions.

Areas of Expertise

art instruction, art history, art classes, painting workshops abroad, art management, art consultant, anything in the field of visual art

Books by Walk the Arts