Squiggle Park

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Squiggle Park is the world’s most fun reading platform for PreK-2 kids! Combining music, poetry, and phonics, Squiggle Park is the fastest way to accelerate foundational reading skills. Its scientifically backed adaptive games and interdisciplinary method makes it possible for kids and mature ELL students to learn reading skills together!

Areas of Expertise

We are a Canadian EdTech company looking to use the power and engagement of games to help close the literacy gaps in North America and around the world. With a leadership team that has spent over 40 years in education, gaming, and technology collectively, we know what kids need to be able to learn effectively, and how we can make that learning fun and engaging.

Professional Affiliations

We have partnered with Heather Reisman, founder and CEO of Indigo Books and the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation to bring literacy programs and resources to kids across North America.

Books by Squiggle Park