Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Born into a commune in central Australia, jayechristopher (local word meaning “swollen river”) never knew exactly who his parents were. The middle child, in what was registered as a three-child family, he lived there until his late teens. Jumping various ships and backpacking, jayechristopher visited many places, trekking and learning several different cultures. Returning to Australia in his early 20s, he settled into a farming community in New South Wales. With no formal education, he has had to rely on Spell Check for most of his short writing career. He is the author of the hugely overlooked Sneaky Guide To… series of books. He has no children and thinks it’s safer this way. Hoping to avoid ever being famous – and so far doing an excellent job at this – he one day plans to retire to Malta, with or without money. His favourite colour is red because it’s easy to spell.

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