Virginia Ede

NSW Central Coast

I am the proud owner and creator of Ambience Wellness Centre on the NSW Central Coast, Australia, just north of Sydney, where it has been described that all creatures great and small can visit and get treated with beautiful gentle, holistic and natural therapies.

My wellness sanctuary provides therapies for both humans and animals;
and the Natural Therapies include : -
• Bowtech® Advanced Level Bowen Therapy
• Equine Muscle Release Therapy™
• Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy™
• Reiki Therapy
• Australian Bush Flower Essences
• Lifestyle Transformational Workshops
• Women’s Support Groups
• Intuitive Inspirational Guidance
• and so much more...including animal communication and Equine Assisted guidance.

My focus is always upon the health, happiness and well being of all creatures, be they human or animal.

Books by Virginia Ede