PARA/ALPINIST Magazine is the leading media outlet for anything and everything B.A.S.E. Started by me, Austin Carey, PARA/ALPINIST began as a dream to share all the awesome cool shit that my friends do around the world through social media and today we are ready to share the First issue as a printed magazine. As the social accounts grew so did my passion to create higher quality content with a voice. I began working towards developing my voice through writing while I've been searching to find out who I am as a person. This on going quest has shown me that I really enjoy writing, I really enjoy showing the world who our community is and the amazing things we do, and I really enjoy working towards things that I'm passionate about. PARA/ALPINIST has become a piece of who I am and therefore I strive to constantly build on its progress daily as I do with my own personal wellness. I invite you to view this issue and welcome you to our world of B.A.S.E.

Areas of Expertise

B.A.S.E and all things related:)