Bruce Menzies

South Fremantle, Western Australia

Bruce Menzies was born in Subiaco, Western Australia. After scraping through a law degree he moved to Canberra for a stint in the Public Service, highlighted by 3 years in Germany. In the seventies, he worked as a lawyer in Fremantle and helped set up a Montessori school. Graduating to an Indian ashram, he spent 7 years in a commune before returning to Perth. In 1990 Bruce and his wife built a mud brick home in Denmark, grew bio-dynamic raspberries and ran holiday accommodation. During that period Bruce morphed from a lawyer into a mediator – and succumbed to the writing virus.

In 2011, he published The Warp and the Weft, an account of his ancestors and their migration to Australia in the nineteenth century. His first novel, Absence Makes, was published by Vivid in April 2013.
Since then, Bruce has published two more novels - Ascending Sideways and Dreaming South Terrace, plus a number of travel photo-journals.

Books by Bruce Menzies