The Human Soul (THS) 26-7-1981

Canberra,, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

On 26-7-1981 I received The Holy Spirit at a baptism by immersion which was activated on Good Friday 29-3-2002. My name is Angela Gay Laughton and I am The Witness of God's Knowledge.

I have three registered business names:
(1) The Human Soul (THS) 26-7-1981
(2) 911 Election Activated Good Friday 29-3-2002
(3) 279 8-28-2002 GIRL Twin 911 Witness 19-11-1944

I have four websites where I publish daily the revelations deciphering what has been set up globally to effect the soul-less world, which are accessible from the Business Web Site which I have listed.

Areas of Expertise

15 Years being granted the spiritual energy that enables access to The Knowledge of our Universal Creation Entity and revealing daily how I decipher what has been set up globally. Simplicity is the key.

I have published over 60,000 pages of data and contacted CERN in November 2009 about the Communicating High Intelligent ENERGY Power Source and on 4-7-2012 the discovery of the Higgs was announced by CERN quoting the very numbers I'd given them

Professional Affiliations

Our Universal Creation Entity
The Soul-Connection through The Holy Spirit for 15 years

Books by The Human Soul (THS) 26-7-1981