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video How to Layout and Design Your Next Book Like a Pro (69:13) Pro photographer and book designer Mat Thorne presents an introduction to book design principles, including typography, essentials of cover design, and laying out front & back matter.
video Great Gift Book Ideas from Blurb (41:48) In this webinar, we share some of our favorite books from Blurbarians the world over and show you tips and tricks for creating fantastic family photo books, cookbooks, memoirs, and travel books.
video How to Sequence and Design Your Next Book Like a Pro: An Insider’s Guide (59:26) Mat Thorne, pro photographer and design whiz, shares his secrets for great book design. Mat walks you through book design and layout essentials and touches upon every aspect of book making, from workflow to typography to final layout.
video How to Get the Best Color with InDesign and PDF to Book
This webinar focuses on color management for creative pros. If you’re using Blurb’s plug-in for Adobe® InDesign® or uploading books through our PDF to Book workflow, this webinar is for you.
video Make Your Next Blurb Book with BookSmart® and onOne Software (53:25) Blurb and onOne Software show you how to create stunning images quickly with onOne’s plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom. This webinar is ideal for intermediate to advanced photographers and book makers who have worked with Photoshop previously.
video Compelling Cover Design (34:50) The cover of your book is your best chance to catch someone’s eye. In this webinar, photography book editor Alan Rapp uses examples from iconic works and Blurb books alike, and shows how the cover draws the viewer in.
page Color Management Resource Center Our premier resource center gives the advanced user video and written help about print-on-demand color management and how it can be used with BookSmart, Blurb’s plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®, or the PDF to Book workflow.
video Adobe® Lightroom® to Blurb BookSmart®:
Great Color Photos from Capture to Final Book!

In this webinar, we start from scratch using color calibrated images from Adobe Lightroom and the latest version of BookSmart to make a beautiful photo book with images that have the best color possible.
video Get Great Color in Blurb Books! (52:24) Want to make sure the color in your Blurb book rocks? Need the nitty gritty on color management for your Photography Book Now submission? This webinar covers the fine points of file preparation so that the color in your books is right on.
video Make a custom Flickr photo book (3:27) This short video shows how easy it is to slurp your Flickr images into Blurb BookSmart.
doc Ten BookSmart tricks to impress your friends and confound your enemies Show off your book-making prowess – check out these ten tips for faster, easier book making.
doc Tip — adding text over photos Creating high-impact chapter titles and section pages is a snap with these step-by-step instructions on adding a text overlay to your photos.
doc Create a full-bleed spread across 2 pages Follow these step-by-step instructions to use one photo across two facing pages.
doc Archive, share, or transfer your book files Create a copy of your book to archive or work on with another computer by following these simple instructions.
doc Import your custom design into BookSmart Use Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign®, and other applications to create your own page designs and then import into BookSmart.
doc Edit and move multiple pages Follow these easy instructions to select and move or delete multiple book pages at once.
doc Keyboard shortcuts for BookSmart for both Mac and PC Nothing says “Power User” like using keyboard shortcuts. We’ve mapped out all of the shortcuts in one spot.

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