Self-publish your ebook with Blurb

With Blurb, making an ebook and print book at the same time is easy. Our reflowable ebooks work on all Amazon Kindle devices. Our fixed-layout ebooks look beautiful on the iPad®.


Reflowable ebooks

Reflowable ebooks for Kindle (beta).
When you create an ebook in KF8 format for the Amazon Kindle, you're capturing your ideas in a portable, easy to read package that works on any Kindle device or app. Upload and sell them to the world through Amazon's Kindle Store.


Beautify and enhance

Beautify and enhance with fixed-layout.
With a fixed-layout ebook, you’re in full control—your page designs and layouts look just like your print book. You can even enhance the experience with audio or video. Fixed-layout ebooks are perfect for the iPad—readers can pinch, zoom, and flip through your pages with ease.


Ebooks and print

Ebooks and print books from one file.
BookWright™ (our free downloadable book creation tool) keeps the print and digital versions of your book all tidy for you in a single project file—there’s no need to juggle software or follow complicated formatting rules. BookWright has a wide selection of ebook fonts built right in. Design pros can also use our plug-in for Adobe® InDesign® to make a fixed-layout ebook.


Create share and sell

Create and sell.
Creating a reflowable ebook is free for a limited time. When you export from BookWright, Blurb handles the conversion and sends you a KF8 file which you can upload to through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

You can publish a fixed-layout ebook for a one-time fee of US $9.99. Enter your book’s description and set a list price, and Blurb will help you submit your fixed-layout ebook directly to Apple’s iBooks store.


We can help

Stuck? We can help.
Check out our guide for making reflowable ebooks. You can also look at our list of ebook-friendly fonts and see what others have done in our enhanced ebook gallery. If you have more questions, our customer support center has an entire section all about ebooks.


More book creation tools

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