BookSmart: The custom book-making tool for everyone

Make professional-looking books without hiring a designer


Booksmart - Creative control and customization

Creative control and customization.
Choose from one our many professionally designed layouts, or create your own. Add background themes and mix and match page designs as you like.


Booksmart - Work online or offline

Work online or offline.
BookSmart lets you work on your book wherever you are, whenever you want. That gives you the freedom to handle larger book projects with large image files. You only need to be online when you download the software and when you upload your book.


Booksmart - Books of all types

Make books of all types.
With BookSmart, you can make photo books, text-only books, notebooks, portfolios, planners—almost any kind of book you can imagine. And you can turn any print book into a beautiful fixed-layout ebook (BookSmart even tells you which fonts are ebook friendly).


Booksmart - Bookstore quality books

Get bookstore quality
Make hardcover or softcover books in seven different sizes. Choose from five different photo-quality paper types and three different linen cover options.



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